#ThroughTheLookingGlass: How To Build Your IG Following.

What We Did:

First I took a sample test of my audience through checking out 50 of my followers as well as doing my research on my audience.

Gaining the knowledge that my demographic consisted of 76% from the 18-34 year old age group, approximately 42% African American & 22% from Georgia I decided to double down on learning how to better engage my following as well as expand the audience.

What Happened:

Utilizing local Atlanta photographers, as well as keying in on very specific aesthetics, such as lens, aperture sizes & backgrounds, I was able to cultivate an audience that could be statistically counted on to respond to a 50mm, 1.4 aperture with a colorful background. The next step was learning how to develop our relationship towards more comments & instant engagement. This was cultivated by curating posts towards very specific times & opening up the captions to be dialogue driven. Creating captions that revolved around “Recipes” allowed the ability for responses to be as simple as listing ingredients for happiness, success & information.

The Outcome:

#ThroughTheLookingGlass gained my Instagram following by 7K followers over the initial 3 month span, as well as 3 Million views before I decided to take the time to begin shopping around my Instagram to different art galleries in the Atlanta area. Culminating in an Art Exhibit on July 5th, as well as multiple opportunities for paid posts, brand partnerships & future engagements.