#AtlantasOwn A Creative Yearbook Video Series

Atlanta has recently become the mecca of black art, visually & musically. Taking note of its strong hold, when presented with the opportunity. We had a chance to sit down with Big Joc of Creatives After Dark and put together a quick trailer to begin the initiative of creating a “creative yearbook” for Atlanta.

Shot by Eric Villatero of Okay Latino, this video is the exact type of content we are able to bring clients in need of “tapping in” with the community to exemplify its understanding of the culture and its ability to be an ally within the creative world.

This type of campaign can also be used for a blossoming videographer that is looking for funding for larger production as in the need to boost analytics to show an understanding in outreach.

How To: A Court Kim Project

Art Direction by artlessBrandon

Art Direction by artlessBrandon

Courtlyn Kim is one of the brightest stars rising out of Atlanta, Georgia who has had the keen writing ability that has placed her on national platforms throughout her writing career. Utilizing this knowledge, she was reached out to on behalf of us for a campaign needed to bring awareness to a local art collective named, “the Broken Mango”.

Being aware of her target market as well as the trending significance of female hip hop artists reaching its zenith thus far in the entertainment industry. She was prompted with the topic to write about the rules for women’s justice in today’s hip hop.

This article was viewed over 3,000 times via social media & was highlighted by Medium as a top tier article for their readers as well. This article led to a feature from Okay Player for CourtKim as well as an additional 100 followers and a podcast contract for Broken Mango.

Instagram To Art Gallery; A "Piera" Exhibit


The “Piera” Exhibit was the culmination of an 8 month campaign that highlighted the under represented fan base of visual artists of color. Through strategic planning & upstream marketing on Instagram, this platform attained over 7K followers & 3 million views over the time span. Utilizing these analytics we were able to shop this project around to local galleries before deciding on a partnership with #AllTogetherNow Gallery in Atlanta.

This event brought out over 200 audience members as well as sold out twice in a span of less than 72 hours. Utilizing this template as a tool for other creatives, work has been implemented for another 10 art exhibits to be executed within the next 6 months under the same tutelage.